Admittedly, I haven’t played any of The Sims games for a long while (yes, I was one of those kids who put their Sims in the pool and took out the ladder). EA and Maxis are working away on the fifth entry, but in the meantime, they’re catering to horror fans once again with the upcoming Werewolves Game Pack for The Sims 4.

Available June 16 for PC and consoles, the Werewolves Game Pack introduces a new world to The Sims 4 in Moonwood Mill. There, your Sims will transform into werewolves, join packs, and “run wild under the light of the full moon.”

It’s not just a simple transformation, either. Being a werewolf brings with it new abilities, new temperaments, along with being affected by the phase of the moon. Your Sims will also experience wolf-specific life events, and even find potential love.

Currently, The Sims 4 is available on PC via Steam and Origin, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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