Megan Fox (Jennifer’s Body) will next be seen in the crime thriller Johnny & Clyde, a new take on the classic Bonnie & Clyde tale that has been picked up by Redbox Entertainment.

Deadline reports that the film from Verdi Productions is “due to get a theatrical launch later this year and be available day-and-date in Redbox kiosks and on demand.”

Avan Jogia (Zombieland: Double Tap), Ajani Russell (Betty), and Tyson Ritter (Preacher) also star in Johnny & Clyde, which is said to have a wild supernatural element in play.

“The spin on the iconic Bonnie and Clyde story follows two serial killers (Jogia, Russell) who are madly in love and on a shocking crime spree. They ultimately set their sights on robbing a prosperous casino run by a crime boss, Alana (Megan Fox), and her head of security, Guy (Ritter).”

Tom DeNucci (Vault) directed Johnny & Clyde.

“Fans of dark, gritty action movies are going to love Johnny & Clyde,” Galen Smith, CEO, Redbox said in a statement this week. “Tom has created a film that will have fans on the edge of their seats. We’re looking forward to releasing the film later this year.”

The script was co-written by Nick Principe (Laid to Rest), who teased the project to Bloody Disgusting last year. Principe told us, “…it starts off as a crime/heist picture, but once they get trapped in the cash room it’s definitely balls-to-the-wall slasher/horror. Instead of vampires, it’s just one big, spooky supernatural slasher.”

DeNucci explained to BD, “Megan Fox’s character is very dark. I don’t want to give away too much, but visually we wanted her to almost be like a Disney princess, but a messed up, very dark, twisted version of that. Her look is just incredible … this kind of almost evil princess character. I went into a weird kind of Disney path.”

Check out your first look at Megan Fox in Johnny & Clyde above.

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