It was so nice the first time, they’re doing it again. DreadXP has revealed the second batch of titles in their upcoming horror gaming anthology Dread X Collection 5. As with the previous batch of titles in the collection, the central theme is “entertainment”. This time, the six titles feature the glitz and glam of Hollywood, a karaoke bar toilet, an abandoned daycare, a haunted puppet show, and even Finland in the year 1888.

First up is Karao by Stroboskop, where during a late night karaoke session in a bar, you feed the call of nature. After taking a wrong turn to find the toilet, you find yourself deep in dark subway tunnels following distant singing. You eventually happen upon an old abandoned station, but something’s wrong. All the signs are in a foreign language, the doors are welded shut, and you have a sinking feeling that following that voice was a terrible mistake.

Spirit Guardian by Nikk F. sees you enter an abandoned daycare center. Demons and vengeful spirits haunt the halls and lurk in the shadows. Your job is to discover what exactly happened here, cleanse the souls and bring peace.

Philip Hesselbäck is back after his previous entry in Dread X Collection: The Hunt with his new title, Vestige. In it, you’re reliving your childhood with an old game. However, something strange starts happening. The game begins to warp, and reality seems less real. Find out what is going on before it’s too late. But to stop the curse, you need to face the truth.

In Matt ReevesBeyond the Curtain, a young child falls asleep during a puppet show and wakes up alone in an old, musty theater. All the doors have been bricked over, forcing you to go backstage and (hopefully) discover if you’re the only one here in this atmospheric horror title.

Roope Tamminen‘s HUNSVOTTI takes place in 1888 Finland, where locals are celebrating the midsummer; Juhannus, a nightless night that is believed to have magical properties. Swept up in the superstitions, you decide to try out a ritual your father told you about where the person throws seven flowers into a well, and the reflection at the bottom will show your future love. Unfortunately, you’re out of flowers, and must gather them. Making matters worse is that not everyone wants you to succeed. They would rather brand you as… The Hunsvotti…

Hollywood isn’t all fun and games, as you’ll find out in Phantom Sloth GamesINTERIM. Alfred moved to Hollywood with nothing more than a few dollars in his pocket and a dream in his heart. A dream to be front and center as the leading man in a major motion picture. Unfortunately, Alfred will find out some dreams turn into nightmares.

Lastly, there’s Outpost 3000 by Christopher Yabsley, which also happens to serve as Dread X Collection 5’s hub world. In Outpost 3000, a birthday bash is every small town kid’s dream. But this alien-themed party venue holds something more sinister beneath the surface. Can you face your fears and avoid the clutches of The Stranglemaw?

Dread X Collection 5 arrives April 2020 on PC via Steam.

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