This year marks NINE YEARS since the release of Fede Alvarez‘s Evil Dead, and Alvarez has once again taken to social media to show off some never-seen goodies from his collection.

For the ninth anniversary of the film that brought the Evil Dead franchise back to life in 2013, Alvarez has shared his personal collection of Polaroids taken on the set of the film!

You can check those out down below. Along with that tweet, Alvarez has also taken to Twitter today to tease an alternate ending to the film, which he may be showing off soon.

“Also, there was an alt ending to my Evil Dead where Mia was taken by “the force” just like Bruce was at the end of the first film. I could share it here If you want. Just let me know and I’ll post the take,” Alvarez tweets. At the time of writing this article he hasn’t yet shared the goods, but we’ll of course write up an article for whatever he shares once he does.

So stay tuned for that, which should be coming real soon…

This year is of course a huge year for the Evil Dead franchise, as brand new movie Evil Dead Rise is on its way soon. Additionally, Evil Dead: The Game is headed our way in May!

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