A few such ingredients include resorcinol, toulene, ethanoline, and some formaldehyde-releasing preservatives. That said, studies are showing that the irritation that may come from some of these ingredients is dose-specific. The low concentrations of them in eyebrow tints aren’t enough to cause alarm, she assures us. “However, as someone who formulates on the clean end, I would hesitate to tint my eyebrows often.” 

Another thing: The dyes used in eyebrow tinting are not approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), says Dr. Peredo. “The skin around the eye is thin and the most sensitive area on your body,” she explains. “If someone is going to have an allergic reaction anywhere on their body, this is the first area it will happen. It’s not uncommon for people to have a reaction to dye in general.”

Dr. Peredo says brow tinting is safe for the most part, but it’s helpful to test a small patch test in another area such as behind the ear. Before booking the service at your salon, ask if they’re able to do a 24-hour patch test for you to see if you develop any reactions to the dye.

To go an extra step further (if you know what you’re allergic to), Koestline says, “ask your brow professional if they can share the brand of brow tints they use so you can look up the ingredient list for yourself and make sure you’re not allergic to any components.”

If your skin becomes irritated, Koestline advises using a calming solution or cream over the area such as aloe vera. Dr. Peredo’s tip: apply a cool, damp compress on the area to soothe it and put Aquaphor or Vaseline above or below your eyebrow area to protect the skin.

How much does eyebrow tinting cost?

Typically, the cost of eyebrow tinting ranges between $20 to $40, although it can go up to $100 per treatment. “This depends on the expertise of the stylist and your location,” says Richardson. The price also takes into consideration if any other services (such as lamination) are included during the process.

Courtesy of Wendy Sy and Dani Kimiko Vincent

Courtesy of Wendy Sy and Dani Kimiko Vincent

How to maintain eyebrow tinting

Similar to hair coloring, there is some maintenance involved with tinting. Beverly Hills, California-based makeup artist and brow expert Stevi Christine typically uses a vegetable dye and says while the frequency varies from person to person, “the average client comes in every four to eight weeks for a touch-up.” If you’re someone who likes to work out, which can cause heavy sweating, “you might need to touch up more frequently.” In this case, Christine suggests booking your touch-up every three weeks.

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