Grab your knapsack and trustiest flashlight: Expedition Bigfoot returns for more adventures within the woods. Season 3 premieres on March 20th at 10 p.m. EST via both The Travel Channel and Discovery+ with new episodes to follow every Sunday.

If you recall, the reality series premiered in 2019 and has since placed a scientific lens on the iconic modern myth by following elite investigators Bryce Johnson, Russel Acord, Ronny LeBlan, and renown primatologist Dr. Mireya Mayor.

Expedition Bigfoot

The new season finds the team making a triumphant return to Washington State’s Olympic Peninsula, where they’re leaning on primate pheromones, military-grade drones, and decades of expertise in the hopes of drawing out the titular beast.

Ahead of the new season, the team shared their hairiest moments over the past two seasons with Bloody Disgusting, all of which should get you hyped and ready to join the chase.

Size Does Matter (Season 2, Episode 4: “Hand of the Beast”)

Expedition Bigfoot

“Chris Duncan and his electromagnetic loop antenna identified a primate signature a mere 1,000 feet away from our location. So, we headed in that direction in the middle of the night, only to stumble upon an enormous structure that didn’t seem to have any purpose for a human being. It was so out of place and clearly constructed by … something. It felt like it had some significance to Bigfoot – and it was jaw-dropping.

We still don’t know what they’re used for. Are they grave markers? Hunting blinds? Nursery structures like a crib or cage to keep young ones out of danger? The fact that we discovered this in the middle of the night — and knowing that Bigfoot is nocturnal — there was a feeling that we were being watched the whole time.

And given that the electromagnetic signature of a primate lead us there, it made me very uncomfortable. It was like poking around someone’s bed and you didn’t know if they were going to come back and surprise you when you weren’t paying attention.” –Ronny LeBlanc

Bigfoot Vocalizations (Season 1, Episode 4: “Red Eyes at Night”) 

expedition bigfoot

“Getting a vocal response from a Bigfoot is one thing, proving that whatever made that vocalization using infrasound is a game changer. Infrasound is a sound wave undetectable to the human ear. We know that large mammals like elephants, tigers, and whales use infrasound to incapacitate their prey while hunting. It has long been suspected that Bigfoot is capable of producing infrasound. So, when Mireya captured a Bigfoot recording that we had analyzed by an expert who was able to detect sub-sonic frequencies in the recording, we knew we had captured something special. Why? Because there is no known wildlife in the state of Oregon that can produce infrasound, leaving only one suspect: Bigfoot!” –Bryce Johnson

Something’s Out There (Season 2, Episode 2: “Call and Response”)

“When Russ calls from the ridgeline, Mireya and I are positioned down below awaiting a response from the darkness. We got an incredible response that sounded like a scream and whistle at the same time. It was right next to us — and, I mean, it was right in front of us — and came in as a response to the call that Russ put out.

We then hear it again.

We were hearing sounds coming from all directions. And, at that moment, I realized that there was one Sasquatch on one side of us, and another on the other. They were pushing us out of the area and we were caught in the middle of two of the vocalizations. We suddenly were the center of attention.

It was intense and so exciting at the same time, but then there was the sound of another one approaching. There were 3! This was a moment where I knew this wasn’t a bear or anything else; this was several Bigfoot closing in on our position. We were in their backyard and they didn’t like it.” –Ronny LeBlanc

Expedition Bigfoot

“The noise sounded more like a whistle with that haunting sound that made you realize your call was noticed at a level that warranted a response — and it sent chills down my spine. I often play that sound back to see if I can make sense of the audio and try to match it up with any other known calls or whistles in our wildlife sound inventory.” –Russel Acord

Bigfoot Road Crossing (Season 2, Episode 7: “The Queen Out West”)

“I come across a lot of reports of people seeing these Bigfoot creatures by the side of the road, as well as crossing the road directly in front of peoples cars, which gave me the idea that perhaps we could catch one in the act. Which is exactly what we did! We rigged our vehicle front, back, and side to side with some of the most high-tech sensitive recording equipment we could get our hands on.

And in the middle of the night, on a dark and desolate road near the Olympic Peninsula in Washington, our cameras caught something running across the road directly in front of us. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I remember seeing something dart across the road, but it wasn’t until I looked back at the footage, that I knew we had captured something truly incredible!” –Bryce Johnson

The Cemetery (Season 1, Episode 8: “The Final Hours”)

Expedition Bigfoot

“When Mireya and I stumbled upon a 150-year-old cemetery in the middle of the forest, I couldn’t believe the temperature change when we stepped foot into the graveyard. I remember looking at the small tombstones and seeing the ages and the names. Children under five years of age. Girls. There were a lot of them. It sent chills down my spine walking through this place. I described it as walking into a refrigerator.

But there was a moment when I was standing in the middle, and I felt energy rushing towards me from all angles and surrounding me. I quickly got the impression of small children gathering around us. It was a profound moment as I have four children and three of them are girls. Som this hit home for me.

What’s more, Mireya and I both had heard girls laughing in the middle of the forest the previous night. She thought she was dreaming, but I heard the giggling too. It was very eerie!” –Ronny LeBlanc

Run! (Season 2, Episode 11: “Lake Fear”)

“My No. 1 adrenaline rush came in Washington state when Zack [Hall] and I were very aware of something following us through the woods that kept far enough back to avoid the thermals and night vision. The strong nasty odor and snapping of branches in the darkness as it literally stalked our movements was putting us both on edge.

The real adrenaline hit, however, when it rushed towards our position in a bluff charge during an interview that I was doing with Zack. The chaos of fear, safety, disorientation, and aggression happened so fast that my own reaction could have ended poorly.

My aggressive challenge was likely the most foolish thing that I could have done, but the result discouraged any kind of physical contact, and the bluff charge was abandoned.” –Russel Acord

The Descent (Season 2, Episode 6: “Bigfoot’s Lair”)

“Rappelling into a cave nearly 300 feet below ground is not for the faint of heart. I remember looking up just after I had started my rappel and seeing nothing but a pin of light coming through. As I made my way down slowly, in complete darkness, the air got colder and I knew full well that this structure could collapse at any moment.

Kentucky is known for its massive cave systems, and my hope was to find large openings that a big animal could use as a shelter or travel path to keep hidden. But to find those larger openings, I would first have to go through openings so small, I found myself having to contort and snake through them.

More than once, drops of water eroding the rock above reminded me that I may not make it out.” –Dr. Mireya Mayor

The Thermal Video (Season 1, Episode 5: “Human Bait”)

Expedition Bigfoot

“Coming in at No. 1 for me has to be Russell’s thermal video of what looks to be an upright walking Bigfoot. I remember when I first saw it, I couldn’t believe my eyes, and I was thinking, This is incredible, we just captured video-graphic evidence for the existence of Bigfoot.

And to top it all off, when Dr. Russel Mittermeier, one of the world’s preeminent primatologists, took a look at the video and said it looked as if something was ‘very far from its home in Africa’, not only did that give me chills, it also gave the video tremendous credibility.” –Bryce Johnson

Expedition Bigfoot

“It defied all logic as it appeared from an open field and walked a few steps and completely vanished into open air. Seeing this happen in an open field with nothing to hide behind was what made this event so unique. There was no place for this thing to go and certainly nowhere for this thing to hide.

I still am at a loss for words on this as even the other wildlife in the field was aware of its presence and literally ran away from its location. If I hadn’t seen the reaction from the deer running away or been able to record the movement on thermal, I would have questioned every single piece of this story.

It sounds like an impossible story of something with heat appearing out of nowhere and vanishing seconds later.” –Russel Acord

Expedition Bigfoot returns on Sunday, March 20th at 10 p.m. EST / 7 p.m. PST via both The Travel Channel and Discovery+. New episodes will follow every Sunday.

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