Director Fede Alvarez just celebrated 9 years of his Evil Dead remake with some behind the scenes Polaroids from his personal collection, but that’s not all he’s showing off this week.

Alvarez has also taken to Twitter to share a never-before-seen Evil Dead alternate ending, this one concluding the film with Jane Levy‘s Mia being taken by the evil “force” out in the woods. Of course, Mia survives her harrowing ordeal in the final cut of the movie, but Alvarez was at one point toying with either making her fate unclear or killing her off completely.

Only one of those endings was actually shot, it seems, with Alvarez last night sharing footage of the Evil Dead alternate ending that would’ve left Mia’s fate quite unclear.

Alvarez explains, “This is what was written originally. But Sam Raimi (wisely) pointed out “after everything she’s been through, she deserves to live” so I rewrote it to the actual ending.”

“Jane Levy let out one of her best screams in the movie on this take,” he adds.

You can check out that footage down below, where you’ll also find a script page that fleshes out an entirely different Evil Dead alternate ending – this one killing Mia off.

In that particular version of events, not only would the evil force out in the woods catch up with Mia, but it would quite literally tear her apart, exploding her into a “bomb of blood”!

As you may recall, Alvarez had talked about this Evil Dead alternate ending with Bloody Disgusting’s Boo Crew Podcast in 2020, where he provided some further information.

The original ending – we shot some of it – ended like the original movie,” Alvarez explains. “[Mia] was going to walk out of the house, she’s limping away from the house and suddenly the force – you know, the crazy camera running through the woods – would come out of the house, she would turn around, scream, and that would be it, that would be the end of it.”

In the script, we went a little bit further and we say, well, that’s what we saw in the original movie, so I think we should see more this time,” he continues. “So we will do this shot, and after she turns and screams, we will see what happened to her. It was written as she levitates for the first time – because you never see levitation in the movie. It was kind of the rules of [our] Evil Dead, to never see anything that tells you right away that you’re in a supernatural world. So no one floats [in] Evil Dead. But in the last moment, she will float.”

“Suddenly her body was all tensed up like Exorcist-style, and then we were going to rip her apart like every limb or something like that. She was going to explode into this bomb of blood.

You can check out what remains of the two Evil Dead alternate ending scenes below!

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