Blizzard are kicking off their new set of quarterly Diablo IV development updates with a focus on the upcoming game’s environment art. The update describes the game aiming to be “the darkest and most grounded of the series”, while also striving for “believability over realism” when it comes to the environments.

“For the first time in the series, Diablo IV features a shared open world with 5 captivating zones to explore. From the Dry Steppes to the Scosglen coast to the glacial ridges, each area has been carefully handcrafted by the Diablo Art and Design teams.” The previous games in the series made use of barrels and other environment props that the player could interact with during their playthroughs, and Diablo IV is no different.  With dynamic props populating many of the areas, there again are interactable and breakable props that are scattered throughout the environments “to create realistic and variable destruction.”

Of course, one of the big hallmarks for the series is its dungeon-crawling. Diablo IV‘s dungeon environments will feature “over 150 randomized dungeons utilizing a combination of handcrafted and procedural creation”. The update goes on to detail how the art team set out to create “a variety of tile-sets that could be cleverly reused and paired with different props, interactives, and lighting” to give each dungeon its own unique look and feel.

And it would be ridiculous to not show some of these environments themselves. As you’ll see below, you have plenty of video to get your fix for the new look of Diablo IV. Currently, Diablo IV is in development for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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