From director Keith Thomas, Blumhouse’s re-adaptation of the Stephen King classic Firestarter is now playing in theaters and streaming on Peacock, scaring up $6 million at the worldwide box office. Universal and Blumhouse probably aren’t itching to green light a sequel based on that number, but perhaps the Peacock numbers are strong enough to warrant more.

If Firestarter does get a sequel, where would director Keith Thomas like to see his movie’s storyline go next? It’s something he’s already thought about, Thomas tells Bloody Disgusting’s Boo Crew Podcast this week. In fact, there’s an Easter Egg in the movie that suggests where a potential Firestarter 2 could take the surviving characters of the new adaptation.

“This is something that we’ve discussed, obviously a bunch,” Thomas tells the Boo Crew. “I spent a lot of time with Michael Greyeyes, who plays Rainbird, talking about the Rainbird that we see in this film. He and I really wanted to create a true backstory for him, that explains what we see of him and how he functions… that we didn’t have to dump a bunch of exposition into. To suggest a whole history. And that history also involved a future.”

Thomas continues, “What’s interesting is… without giving away any spoilers… in the sequence of Rainbird’s apartment… there’s a drawing board that’s set up where he’s got all these sketches that he’s drawn. If you were to freeze frame on that drawing board, you would see the rest of the film. And images from it. So it’s clear that there’s a lot of suggestion here [about] what Rainbird’s up to and capable of. And in order to get that right, we had to figure out… where does this story go after this Firestarter?”

Who knows if there will ever be a sequel or anything like that. But we wanted to suggest a much larger journey ahead,” Thomas notes.

Star Ryan Kiera Armstrong chimes in, “I am so down for a sequel.”

Of course, a sequel to this iteration of Firestarter wouldn’t be the first time Firestarter has spawned a sequel. Anyone remember Firestarter 2: Rekindled from back in 2002?

You can listen to The Boo Crew’s full Firestarter chat below.

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