In a video clip posted to Instagram and TikTok, we see Barrymore flanked by Appleton and Tilbury in her office. Barrymore is makeup-free and wearing sweats as she lip-syncs “wait, I can do that better,” bopping her hand on the lens to reveal the completely out-of-character but absolutely stunning look.

Barrymore’s long, brown hair is several feet longer, reaching her waist with the help of either extensions or a wig. Her hair looks lighter, as well, covered in caramel highlights that look straight out of JLo’s playbook. True to Charlotte Tilbury’s signature shades, Barrymore’s lips, cheeks, and lids are all decked out in shades of rosy pink, with lush lashes and strategic highlighting in the corners of her eyes. 

Instagram/Chris Appleton

The result is unlike anything we’ve ever seen on Barrymore. And… is it just me, or does she look exactly like Khloé Kardashian?

Although I really can’t see drew sticking to this look, it just goes to show, she really does look incredible in any beauty style she tries.

More long hair to look at:

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