We had a little Silent Hill earlier today, so why not have a second round of Silent Hill-inspired content? This time it comes from publisher DreadXP, who have acquired the publishing rights to
MystiveDev’s psychological survival horror title Mirror Forge, which we briefly covered a few months back.

In case you missed it, Mirror Forge centres on Thomas Jackson, a troubled man whose drunk driving two years ago resulted in his girlfriend Jill’s coma and the loss of their baby. Though Jill recovered, the ordeal destroyed their relationship. Compounded by his job loss, Thomas tries to commit suicide. While therapy and medication have helped, Thomas’ past comes calling once again, resulting in him seeking solace with Jill to try and get back what was lost.

However, Jill, a journalist, is nowhere to be found. His only clue: footage of her last report. Missing children, a place called Devil’s Womb Canyon, and a mysterious blue explosion.

In Mirror Forge, players must travel between alternate dimensions enveloped in darkness and home to unearthly creatures. Using mirrors to cross between these realms, players will experience a variety of familiar and bizarre environments — from gloomy, narrow apartments to open towns, ancient houses, and factories. And in keeping with survival horror tropes, in Mirror Forge, Thomas has no way to defend himself. As a result, he must evade creatures while also solving puzzles, and piece together the source of Jill’s disappearance and the otherworldly occurrences that currently haunt him.

Mirror Forge is still on track for its September 2022 release through Steam. There’s also a demo currently available for immediate download.

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