We touched on Poncle’s action roguelike Vampire Survivors a few months ago, referring to the game as this year’s first breakout horror hit. Well, the developer has released a new patch for Vampire Survivors (which is still in Early Access on Steam) that sees the bullet hell RPG get some new levels, along with some new tweaks to gameplay and bugfixes.

Poncle admits that the patch is a minor one for Vampire Survivors when you consider its contents. The reasoning for this is due to the amount of work needed to improve on the save data issues, as well work on the future 0.7 patch. That being said, the new patch gives players a new bonus stage, a new relic, two new arcanas and one more rank for the Skip power-up.

That’s on top of the tweaks for the game, which includes damage modifications, Arcana rerolls, and the ability to preview your music and music mods in the stage selection screen.

If you haven’t checked out this Castlevania-tinged title, Vampire Survivors is described as a time survival game “with minimalistic gameplay and roguelite elements.” Basically, you try to survive a bullet hell by mowing down thousands of monsters and accumulating as much gold as possible. There are also tons of weapons, items and different spell mechanics for you to delve into, so give it a shot.

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