We’re currently in a golden age of lace wigs and hair extensions. Thanks to ever-evolving techniques, far more access to hair, and top-notch products, it’s easier than ever to make a wig look as if it’s growing out of your scalp. It’s also easy to get fooled — I say this as someone who still mistakes some of the unclockable wigs worn by celebrities like Megan Thee Stallion and Lady Gaga for real hair. 

But even though wig and weave-ology are far more advanced, a head of thick, long hair doesn’t always come courtesy of a wig. Sometimes, folks are just working what Mother Nature gave ’em, a point that Los Angeles-based hairstylist Gregory Russell put forth this week. On March 12, Russell posted an image of one of his famous clients, Demi Moore, whose waist-length brown hair is, he confirms, all hers.

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“Soft waves on the very beautiful, warm, talented, angelic, inspirational @demimoore,” Russel captioned the image, noting that he used all Pureology products for the styling process. Moore’s a rich brunette — almost black — and in this picture, her hair is styled with a Gen Z-approved middle part. To be fair, the vibe I’m getting is more Cher from the ’70s than Cassie from Euphoria, but her hair looks strong and healthy nonetheless. 

Now that we know Moore’s hair is about a light-year long, we have some questions: What is she doing for length retention, and can she drop the hair-care routine? How does she maintain it at night? Is she a long-lost descendant of Rapunzel

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