Publisher GungHo Online Entertainment and developer Supertrick Games have announced that their upcoming multiplayer survival action game Deathverse: Let It Die will be having an open beta test ahead of its release later this year. The beta will take place on May 28 from 4:00pm ET to 10:00pm ET, and again on June 5 from 4:00am ET to 9:00am ET. You can also pre-load the game now from the PlayStation Store.

In addition to the beta test, Supertrick Games recently released the fourth and final dev diary for Deathverse, this time showing off the gameplay in more detail. Uncle Death is back once again, and is joined by director Shin Hideyuki acting as his guide through the game’s tutorial. The video also shows off new weapons, and the arena where players will be fighting to the death.

In Deathverse, a seismic natural disaster occurred in 2026. Known as the Earth’s Rage, it sent the world into upheaval. Now, several hundred years later, the inhumanely violent survival reality show Death Jamboree was born to “satiate the devastated human heart.” Players will compete in arena combat to be the last one standing.

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