Hostile and Meander (pictured above) director Mathieu Turi is next getting behind the camera for Dark Faces (Gueules Noires), which he has brought to Cannes, Bloody Disgusting learned.

The film takes place in 1956, north of France.

“A bunch of coal miners must embark with a strange professor to get some samples, 1000 meters underground. After the collapse of one part of the mine, they can’t go back, and try to find a way out.

“They discover an ancient crypt, and awake without knowing it a legendary bloodthirsty creature…”

Cast includes Samuel Le Bihan (Brotherhood of the Wolf), Amir El Kacem, and Thomas Solivérès.

Gueules Noires will be a mix of horror and adventure, in the best tradition of H.P. Lovecraft stories, but set in a French reality and a strong social context,” says Turi. “After Meander, I’m lucky enough to work again with FULLTIME STUDIO on this crazy project I deeply love. It’s going to be a character-driven story, confronting the old and the new generations in an exciting and terrifying quest to the unknown.”

Producers are Full Time Studio (Eric Gendarme, Thomas Lubeau, Jordan Sarralie) and Marcel Films (Bruno Amic, Alexis Loizon, Patrick Raoux).

Filming is scheduled to begin this coming October.  Kinology is handling international sales.

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