Horror is built on certain archetypes. There are the sweet, sensitive leads and their often insensitive best friends. But the sidekicks are occasionally more charismatic than the main character in a given film. Even when they’re grating they can be fun to watch.

Sometimes it’s the performance that makes these characters fun. Other times, it’s the way the character is written. They may initially come off as an a-hole, but maybe they actually have a heart of gold. Whatever the case, the characters outlined below have defied the odds and won our hearts.

So with that in mind here are our picks for comedic sidekicks in horror who were funny, even though they probably shouldn’t be.

Charlie in House II: The Second Story

This guy is the most aggravating person in the world when he first appears. You immediately wonder who could ever be friends with someone like this. And the truth is that he never really becomes any less annoying, but there are many moments that clearly show he will do anything for a friend, no matter what the cost. He’s willing to put up with a whole lot that most people couldn’t comprehend, and that’s much more than you would expect from a guy like Charlie. Also, his grating personally eventually becomes endearing. Thus making the character humorous in spite of himself.

Ted in Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter

Teddy Bear is annoying in that he thinks he has all the answers and he thinks he’s a real ladies man. God’s gift to women. The irony, of course, is that he’s the only one in his friend group who winds up not getting busy with anyone. And he harasses his best friend throughout the entire movie, constantly feeding him terrible advice from an imaginary computer. Admittedly, “the computer don’t lie” is a part of my vocabulary thaks to Ted. But he’s not really funny on his own. The humor comes from karma, mostly, as Ted repeatedly strikes out until his eventual death.

Ted in Friday the 13th The Final ChapterGrady in A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy’s Revenge

Grady’s not really meant to be funny and you don’t tend to think of him as a humorous guy, but that’s sort of what’s so funny about him. He’s so deadpan. He’s the quintessential jock who plays perfectly off of soft-spoken, sensitive, screaming Jesse. The delivery of Grady’s line “I threw my grandmother down a flight of stairs” when he’s asked why he has detention is funnier than many of Krueger’s one-liners throughout the sequels.

A Nightmare on Elm St 2The Frog Brothers in The Lost Boys

The Frog Brothers serve as sidekicks to Sam Emerson, our hero. They’re some of the most iconic sidekicks in horror, to the point that they both come back somewhat unwisely in the straight-to-DVD sequels. These characters are so funny because they play it so straight. Both Edgar and Allan are totally oblivious to the fact that people are laughing at them and that’s what makes them stand out.

The Frog Brothers from the vampire film hTheEd in Shaun of the Dead

Ed’s one of the most loveable characters in recent horror history, but he really shouldn’t be half as likable or as funny as he is. He’s all of Shaun’s worst characteristics personified. He’s the id of the directionless slacker. But he’s also a softhearted guy who’s willing to do anything for his best friend and unfortunately has to prove just how far he will go for his buddy. He’s even likeable as a zombie.

Nick Frost as Ed in Shaun of the DeadEvil Ed in Fright Night

From the cackle, to the ridiculous hair, to the many huge-shouldered jackets, Evil Ed should feel like an antagonist long before he actually becomes a vampire. But instead, he feels relatable. You get that there’s a disconnect between him and Charley, even if it doesn’t have to be as outwardly stated as it is in the remake. Ed’s obnoxious, but funny at the same time. He gets on your nerves, but you still laugh at him, while simultaneously feeling sorry for him.

Evil Ed Fright NightJ.C. in Night of the Creeps

Considering the fact that he can’t ever keep his mouth shut, J.C. should be about as funny as a crutch, but he’s actually one of the best sidekicks in horror history. He’s totally resigned to being a sidekick. He’s embraced his fate. He knows the things he’ll never have for himself so he makes it his mission to make his best friend happy, which is a near impossible task. And in the process, he endears himself to the audience while making them chuckle.

Night of the Creeps

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