Competing Interests

M.H. has signed the Solar Geoengineering Non-Use Agreement (2021), the Oxford Declaration on Global Warming (2002), the Great Barrington Declaration (2020) and is a signatory to the 2007 open letter ‘An Urgent Call to Action: Scientists and Evangelicals Unite to Protect Creation’. M.H. received a Certificate in 2007 recognizing a “significant contribution” to the IPCC on its joint award of the Nobel Peace Prize. M.H. was a lead signatory on an open letter in 1997 to European leaders from 800 scientists urging them to sign the 1997 Kyoto Protocol. M.H. has advised both the Conservative Party and the Labour Party on climate change, has acted as a Consultant on climate change for WWF Greenpeace, BP, Samsung, the Church of England, and several other organizations, is Editor in Chief of WIREs Climate Change, is a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society (UK), a member of the Science & Democracy Network, and a member of the Church of England. M.H. is also a Trustee and Fellow of Pembroke College Cambridge.

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