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Happy April, CapricornLast monthpsychic dreams shook up your typically rational mind. Don’t worry, darling sea-goat, you can enjoy science and still have fun with magic and horoscopes. People tend to make fun of you for being a workaholic, but you have been dealing with a lot lately. As a result, your whole life might feel like work. Thankfully, you get a respite when the romantic planet Venus enters Pisces on Tuesday, April 5, helping you reconnect with friends. Our platonic friends are crucial to your support system, so make sure to make time for them. 

Communication planet Mercury enters Taurus on Sunday, April 10, helping you share some deep thoughts. If the expression “still waters run deep” were a sign, it would be you, Capricorn. Sometimes people kind of forget that you have feelings because you keep such a grounded appearance. However, repressing emotions is unhealthy and can create distance between you and your loved ones. So go ahead and open up. It won’t hurt. 

Mars, the warrior of the gods and the planet that rules f*cking and fighting, enters Pisces on Thursday, April 14. Well, Capricorn, if you don’t sleep with one of your friends around this time, expect to get into a fight. Circling back to the themes earlier in the month, this brings your friend group front and circle. However, thanks to the furious energy of Mars, there could be drama. So if you do get into a fight, make sure to apologize, and if you do sleep with a friend, treat them with respect.

Saturday, April 16, brings a bright full moon in Libra, lighting up the home and family sector of your chart. You are a sign that enjoys routine. If the vibes are bad at home, you’re going to be in a foul mood. But remember Capricorn, creating a happy home isn’t just the responsibility of your partner or roommates. Are you giving enough back in your home and family life? If not, make sure to step up and do your part. 

Taurus season begins on Tuesday, April 19. Don’t expect to feel as chill as ice cream on Xanax for the next few weeks. You’re feeling philosophical and interested in meaningful conversations. That’s okay. Sometimes we need to go deep. Enjoy a late-night discussing the meaning of life with friends, debating politics with your partner, or joining a discussion group.

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