Last week, Sony revealed the initial batch of games for its revamped PlayStation Plus service. And while Capcom’s Resident Evil series was nowhere to be seen (initially), it would appear that Dino Crisis will be heading to the service at some point, instead.

Spotted by several users as well as ResetEra when the new service launched in Asian countries yesterday, a banner for the PlayStation Plus Classics Catalogue sporting Regina from Dino Crisis could be seen in the store. It’s unfortunately not available to download as of yet, however. It’s also not clear once the new PlayStation Plus service launches in the rest of the world next month if Dino Crisis will be available in all regions, but it’s safe to lean towards the “Yes” column.

Another big question is that with Capcom releasing Dino Crisis for the service, does this finally mean the start of Capcom finally listening to fans who have been pining for a return to the panic horror series? Namely, will we finally get a new entry?

Obviously, it’s all speculation (and overabundant optimism) at this point. But, you never know. The new PlayStation Plus service launches in Japan on June 2, North and South America on June 13, and finally Europe, Australia, and New Zealand on June 23.

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