It’s always fun to see artists reimagine iconic horror characters in different art styles, but we can’t say we ever expected to see the two slasher greats in this particular style…

Artist Laura Freeman (@nasubionnas) has imagined Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees in the whimsical and colorful style of Lisa Frank, the popular brand from the ’80s and ’90s!

Freddy is riding a unicorn and Jason is riding a dolphin in Laura’s highly unique new drawings, which you can easily imagine on Lisa Frank school supplies back in the day.

Check them out below and if you like what you see, you can see more of Laura Freeman’s art over on the official Nasubionna’s Art website. Select art is available on Etsy, including the Jason Voorhees/Lisa Frank mashup art on shiny holographic stickers!

Laura also has a series of Friday the 13th-themed Tarot cards you can grab.

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