Remember when we were all losing our shit over the triumphant return of Anne Hathaway‘s iconic Devil Wears Prada bangs? Of course you do — it was, like, two months ago. Not that Hathaway doesn’t look amazing in literally every type of hairstyle, but we — and by “we,” I mean basically the entire world — love us some Andy Sachs fringe. And it sure did seem like Hathaway was feeling herself in the piece-y, partially brow-obscuring style — until now.

We’re not entirely sure what happened and how. All we know is that as recently as a week ago, Hathaway was seen with full-fledge fringe at the SXSW WeCrashed premiere. Perhaps she was inspired by costar Jared Leto’s side-swept layers because, as of March 17, 2022, Hathaway’s bangs seem to have magically disappeared. And I do mean magically. Between the photo she posted to Instagram of her visit to Today and her appearance on the red carpet for WeCrashed‘s global premiere in Los Angeles (above), it appears she has discovered the secret to growing out one’s bangs seemingly overnight. (Or in a few days, at most.)

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What’s left of Hathaway’s bangs blend seamlessly into the rest of her middle-parted hair, looking almost as if she doesn’t even have layers framing her face. Did her stylist expertly manage to make the ends of her bangs essentially melt into her length, or is Hathaway pals with a benevolent sorceress who added inches to the previously lash-skimming fringe? Both are equally feasible, honestly.

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