As we’re slowly but surely slipping into spring, we can’t help but get excited about all of the style changes to come, including the spring nails we’ve been thinking about all winter long.

Not only will we start putting our winter moisturizers away as the sun starts to rear her beautiful face more and more each day, but we can also say hello to bright, fun nails again. This year has been an anomaly so far with colorful nails coming back into fashion as early as February — it seems celebrities such as Megan Fox and Beyoncé have started celebrating spring early in 2022.

In 2021, the hottest spring nails included twists on French manicures, long nails with playful line art, and color blocking techniques that could otherwise be seen in the Museum of Modern Art. These DIY designs became popular at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic when all we had to do was sit at home and pick our fingernails, but the resulting spring nail ideas are still commonplace today. 

Fast-forward to today when salons are back and better than ever, and it’s time to go all out, style-wise — down to our pinkies. Therefore, we expect to see a mix of popular nail art designs in 2022, including some of these DIY styles that we got so good at perfecting in the past two years but also some of the more extra designs for those of us who need to look our best. At. All. Times.

We’ve turned to the experts to give the best advice about the spring nails that you’ll be seeing everywhere in the next few months, including jelly nails, 3D designs, and marble nail art. Whether you want to use press-ons and call it a day, DIY some funky colorful lines across your long natural nails, or hit up your nail tech for some short neon acrylics, there’s a spring nail design here for everyone. But make sure to take notes on the nail polish and tool recommendations from the artists themselves. That’s it. Go crazy. Go stupid.

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