We’re proudly partnering with MuslimGirl.com to celebrate Muslim Women’s Day on March 27 by featuring the voices of Muslim women online.

In honor of Muslim Women’s Day, Allure is celebrating the Muslim beauty bloggers living their love of makeup out loud. Personalities like Huda Beauty founder Huda Kattan have amassed huge fanbases on social media — Kattan’s beauty brand has more than 41.9 million Instagram followers — and Tiktok and Youtube have no shortage of inspiring creators making the world more beautiful with their tips and tutorials.

In addition to their stunning makeup looks, these influencers also use their platforms to empower their followers to express themselves authentically.  For example, some of these beauty-loving bloggers and vloggers wear hijabs, while others don’t. As former Allure cover star Halima Aden put it to us: “Some of us are wearing a hijab, some of us wearing the turban. Ultimately, it comes down to choice.” Aden was also the first pageant queen to wear a burkini and hijab in a competition. And take Quantico actress Yasmine Al Massri: on-screen, she wears a hijab, but she leaves her head uncovered in her everyday life.

Other silver screen role models like Ginella Massa, who was Canada’s first hijab-wearing news anchor, continue to defy and redefine beauty standards. Through these powerful women, we’ve learned that, as Nura Afia once wrote on Instagram, “Hijab is not a symbol of oppression, but a symbol of empowerment. It forces people to reckon with you beyond just your looks. For me, it’s an inseparable part of who I am.”

So without further ado, here are just a few of our favorite Muslim content creators to follow. One caveat: There are many, many other Muslim beauty experts and enthusiasts you should  have on your radar from all over the world, so just consider this a good starting place.

We don’t know what’s better: the way Hassan blends her eye shadows flawlessly together or how impeccable her base makeup always looks. What we do know? She has major skills.

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