TikTok trends come and go, but we’re betting that the online beauty community’s latest craze, brown mascara, is going to stick around for a long time. Don’t get us wrong: Drama-enhancing, jet-black shades will always hold a place in our makeup bags, but if and when we want a subtly defining “oomph” to our lashes, swiping on a shade of mocha-colored mascara will do just the trick.

According to New York City-based makeup artist Steven Canavan, brown mascaras are ideal for accentuating lashes without looking like makeup was applied. “Brown mascara is best if you’re looking to achieve a more natural look and black [is best] if you want more drama,” he says. Sure, you could spare some change for a lash lift or extensions to create a similar finish, but if you don’t want to spend your coins on monthly treatments, brown mascaras are a much more accessible option.

On top of affordability, New York City- and Stockholm-based makeup artist Linda Gradin notes that these mascaras can add more dimension and enhance the color of your eyes, depending on the shade you use. “For a darker eye, a nearly-black or dark brown mascara adds definition, but a classic brown gives a softer impression,” she says. “For lighter-colored eyes, true-to-light brown mascaras are most flattering, as they can bring out gold, green, or grey highlights in your eyes that black can’t.” If you really want to make your eye color and shape stand out, Gradin recommends pairing your brown mascara with a dark brown, charcoal, or black eyeliner pencil of your choosing.

Ready to hop on the virtual beauty community’s latest — and, possibly, greatest — bandwagon? We’ve got you covered. Below, take a peek at a few of the best brown mascaras for fluttery, feathery lashes.

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