When to water it: You’ll want to water these plants regularly, but do not let the soil get too damp. It does have some drought tolerance if the soil happens to dry out, but if the entire pot even a few inches deep feels dry, give it some water.

Where it grows best: Shady spots with indirect sunlight are best for a cast iron plant, so you may find yourself placing them underneath other plants and things. Avoid direct sunlight to keep the leaves from bleaching and burning.

How to keep it looking its best: Drainage is key when it comes to a cast iron plant. Since it does better in soil that is too dry instead of too wet, you never want to leave it sitting in water.

Honorable mentions: There are different varieties of the cast iron plant, including the Variegata which has white stripes on its green leaves, and Hoshi-zora which has yellow and white dots on the leaves.

Why we like it: Sometimes it’s nice to break up all the beautiful leaves and vines with some flowering blooms. The peace lily is perfect for this, combining the leafiness of other house plants with some lovely blooms in between.

When to water it: The peace lily would rather be underwatered than overwatered, so if the top inch isn’t dry, don’t water it. Once it starts feeling dry below that top inch, you can drench it in water.

Where it grows best: “If you want to enjoy lots of flowers, be sure to give your peace lily lots of bright light,” Hancock says. “It’s a champ at tolerating low-light situations, but may not bloom much, if at all.” If you’re lucky, you can get two different blooms within a year!

How to keep it looking its best: Since a peace lily naturally grows in higher humidity climates, during the summer months you may want to mist the leaves often. This will help them maintain their glossy goodness.

Honorable mentions: If you are looking for something that blooms, there’s also the Anthurium. This one features flowers in a similar shape, only their hue is a bright, beautiful red.

Philodendron Brasil (Philodendron hederaceum)

Why we like it: With streaky, heart-shaped leaves that grow from elegant vines, the Philodendron Brasil looks beautiful hanging in a window or spilling off a floating shelf. They survive if you forget to water them every so often and won’t wilt, even if they don’t have the best sunny seat in the house. In fact, they are prone to leaf burn from direct sunlight, so you may want to stick them in a window that doesn’t bake in the afternoon.

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