Period products are, in some ways, like vibrators and coffee orders: There may be a wide range of options, but everyone’s got a personal fave for their cycles. Some people are team tampons, while others pledge allegiance to menstrual pads. Of course, there are also those who wax poetic about more modern options like menstrual cups and discs. (Yep, discs.) But if you’re reading this story, odds are you’ve got questions about an option that fuses blood collection with your undergarments. So, without further ado, we’d love you to consider some of the best period underwear up for grabs.

Designed to absorb your menstrual blood as soon as it comes out of your body, period panties do double duty acting as both a pad (or panty liner) and pair of knickers. Admittedly, it’s pretty great to not have to change your routine when you’re bleeding: You wear underwear every other day of the month (at least, we’re guessing you do), and all you have to do during your period is pull on a pair of panties designed with your period in mind. Once you’re through with your flow, you can simply give these reusable options a light rinse in the sink and then toss them straight into the washer.

No doubt, to those who have never tried them before, period panties sound like diapers for blood. But rest assured: Menstrual underwear is far sexier and less obtrusive than diapers. Period panties won’t noticeably bulk up your crotch the way most diapers do. Plus, unlike diapers which come in one style — ahem, granny panty — period panties are available as thongs, briefs, boxers, hiphuggers, and more.

Ahead, check out some of the best period panties, trunks, and even leggings on the market designed to empower people of all genders. No matter your preferred skivvy style and cut, and budget, you’ll bound to find period underwear that actually fits your “that time of the month” needs. (And don’t be surprised if some styles look no different than your regular underwear.)

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