We asked, you answered, we awarded. Now, check out the rest of our 2022 Readers’ Choice Award winners.

There are few topics that get Allure editors going quite like skin care. Sure, we’ll collectively “ooh” and “aah” over a new eyeliner. But ask us our opinions on sunscreen, antioxidant serums, or overnight masks and the conversation can quickly turn from casual discussion to lively exchange. (What? Like you don’t debate the merits of chemical versus physical exfoliators with your colleagues?)

Of course, it delights us to no end to know that you, our beloved readers, feel just as passionately. We’re reminded of this each year as we tally the results of our Readers’ Choice Awards: Skin care is certainly one of — if not the — most contentious categories.

That’s probably because the skin-care products that work for your best friend, cousin, or colleague may not work for you and vice versa. But thanks to your help, we’ve identified 10 finds —including an ultra-hydrating lip balm, gentle-as-can-be cleanser, and basically invisible sunscreen— that scored high marks across the board.

So whether you’re a skin-care novice looking to build a routine for the first time or an amateur at-home facialist looking for something new, we think you’ll be delighted with our lineup of winners. And if you find something you like, go ahead and give yourself a pat on the back for being in the company of our ever-enthusiastic, highly discerning readers. —Dianna Mazzone

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